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5 Reasons Kids Company Got It Wrong

Last week the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee published its findings on the lessons it thought could be learnt for trustees, professional advisers, Charity Commission…

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Why do we find difference so difficult?

The denomination I both associate with and by virtue of one of my jobs work for was in the headlines recently over the subject of marriage. It managed through its announcement to both alienate a…

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Unintended Bias in Corporate Culture

One of the interesting aspects to come out of the 2008 financial has been that companies and specifically that senior management team’s and boards are trying to understand how they missed some…

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Six Steps to Creativity

Before Christmas I wrote blog post looking at managing risk in the context of creativity. This has led me to ponder over Christmas what it means to be creative as a lawyer. I am convinced that it…

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Christmas – faith in my doubt

This blog was originally published at on the 29/12/15. I find Christmas fascinating; countries around the world stop everything for a festival that for many…

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Risk and Creativity, a new paradigm

This blog post was originally published on the RSA website on the 14th December 2015, you can link to it here. At the RSA we call our current approach ‘the power to create’ and our three-year…

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