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Navinder Sarao, market hero or villain – the Mankad cricket analogy

Last week the extradition of Navinder Sarao to the United States was authorised by Westminster Magistrates’ Court and it will now be interesting to see what the High Court makes of the case assuming Navinder Sarao decides to appeal the decision. The BBC has an extremely detailed article looking at the circumstances of the allegation and it is worth […]

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R v Jogee – great judgement but three reasons to be disappointed

Last week the Supreme Court in the case of R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 changed its position on the requirements of what must be proved when a defendant is accused of being a secondary party to a crime. There has been plenty of comment on its outcome but those who far more leaned than […]

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5 Reasons Kids Company Got It Wrong

Last week the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee published its findings on the lessons it thought could be learnt for trustees, professional advisers, Charity Commission and Whitehall. Without repeating the findings I read them with some disappointment. The report concentrated lessons that could be learnt by trustees, professional advisers, Charity Commission and Whitehall. In doing so […]

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Why do we find difference so difficult?

The denomination I both associate with and by virtue of one of my jobs work for was in the headlines recently over the subject of marriage. It managed through its announcement to both alienate a segment of our population in the LGBT community while preserving and uneasy alliance of beliefs within what is called Anglican […]

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Unintended Bias in Corporate Culture

One of the interesting aspects to come out of the 2008 financial has been that companies and specifically that senior management team’s and boards are trying to understand how they missed some of the underlying issues the crisis has caused to rise to the surface in their companies. This is often not because board has […]

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Gender Equality: Why law can make a difference.

Last weekend I watched the film Made in Dagenham directed by Nigel Cole, which follows the labour dispute of the Dagenham Ford sewing machinists and the consequent strike of 1968. It was a timely reminder of the power both of individual action as it was a trigger causing the implementation of the Equal Pay Act […]

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Six Steps to Creativity

Before Christmas I wrote blog post looking at managing risk in the context of creativity. This has led me to ponder over Christmas what it means to be creative as a lawyer. I am convinced that it is creativity which differentiates the excellent lawyer from the merely good one and that this applies not just […]

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Christmas – faith in my doubt

This blog was originally published at on the 29/12/15. I find Christmas fascinating; countries around the world stop everything for a festival that for many celebrants on a day to day basis has little relevance and they would admit makes little difference to their life. For me personally as someone who does profess the Christian faith […]

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Social Media: three ideas for employees and companies

Social media is now ubiquitous from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more esoteric apps and websites. What is interesting is that we still see those things as something that very strictly falls within our private sphere, something for each individuals to decide how and they use. Despite this not a month goes by without an example of […]

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Risk and Creativity, a new paradigm

This blog post was originally published on the RSA website on the 14th December 2015, you can link to it here. At the RSA we call our current approach ‘the power to create’ and our three-year strategy has now crystallised around this; as a lawyer who is employed to support the governance of the RSA […]

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